ISICAM SİSTEMLERİ K SERİSİIsıcam Systems K series is made of high quality heat and solar control coated Şişecam Solar Low-E Glass. By providing maximum thermal insulation and solar control, it reduces your heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer.

Isıcam Systems are under our warranty for 10 years against manufacturing defects.

  • Compared to ordinary double glazing units, it reduces thermal losses by 50% saving heating costs in winter, and it reduces solar heat gains by 40%, thus reducing cooling costs and saving energy in summer.
  • It does not compromise transparency and natural daylight while providing thermal and solar control.
  • It prevents cold window fronts in winter and hot window fronts in summer, and delays condensation compared to ordinary double glazing units.
  • Compared to ordinary double glazing units, your spending on Isıcam K will return you in 1 to 2 years’ time with your heating costs saved in winter.

Customize Your Isıcam with Extra Features:

Isıcam K L:

Isıcam unit, manufactured by using Şişecam Solar Low-E Glass and Şişecam Laminated Glass that offers safety and security, both provides savings for the heating and cooling costs and prevents the fragmentation of glass upon potential injuries.

Isıcam K AL:

Isıcam unit, manufactured by using Şişecam Solar Low-E Glass and Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass, provides sound insulation in addition to saving heating and cooling costs and also has the safety and security features of Şişecam Laminated Glass.

Isıcam K T:

It is manufactured by using the safety-providing Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass (heat and solar control glass). When it is broken, it fragments into small and blunt pieces thus reduces the risk of injury. That's why it is eligible for use as a safety glass. The product reduces heating and cooling costs by its heat and solar control features.

Isıcam K 3+:

It is the triple Isıcam systems which provides maximum insulation. It offers 4 times better thermal insulation compared to ordinary double glazing units.

Technical Specifications

Isıcam system is an insulating glass unit produced by Isıcam Authorized Producers through the supervision of Şişecam Flat Glass in which convenient dry air or gases are present between two or more glass panes.

Performan Table

Isıcam Systems ConfigurationDaylight (EN 410) Solar Energy (EN 410) Thermal Conductivity
(U değeri) W/m2K
(EN 673)
Dry Air Argon
4+12+4 80 14 75 0,86 2,9 2,7
4+16+4 2,7 2,6
S 4+12+4 79 12 56 0,64 1,61,3
4+16+4 1,3 1,1
K 4+12+4 71 10 44 0,511,61,3


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