Our principles as GRUPCAM,

  • To add value to glass in the markets we target by producing and processing qualified insulating glass as the first solution partner for our customers; to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by promptly meeting their needs and expectations through production and service quality;
  • To become an indispensable solution partner in the field of architectural glass by increasing our product range with sustainable growth,
  • To continuously improve our products and quality management system by complying with national and international standards,
  • To continuously improve the competencies of our employees regarding their jobs by acting in line with the health and safety of both our employees and customers.


Our principles as GRUPCAM,

  • Seeing risks, which we define as “the impact of uncertainty on our objectives”, as a part of all our processes,
  • To plan the necessary activities to address and analyze all kinds of risks, whether positive or negative, to provide the necessary resources for these activities and to continuously improve this system we have established,
  • To increase the competence and awareness of all our employees so that negative risks are eliminated in proportion to their potential impacts and positive risks are treated as opportunities.