In the modern architectural buildings, IGUs with temperable soft-coated Low-E products are being used which provide solar and heat control as well as safety in the facades. In those buildings, effective heat insulation in winter is provided while heating expenses are being reduced, and the solar energy transmission and cooling expenses in the summers decreases significantly.

Temperable Solar Control Low-E glass provides comfortable living areas to end users with its thermal insulation and solar control property; also provides best solutions for safety requirements when it is tempered.

Besides applied on clear float glass with a neutral view, temperable Solar Control Low-E coating can also be applied on body tinted glass to provide a colorful view in the facades.


  • Heat and solar control with a single coating
  • Decreases heating and cooling expenses
  • Provides alternative solutions to projects with its different performance choices and different color options for different projects.
  • In accordance with architectural trends, provides solutions to safety requirements which is rising in line with expansion of the glass surface area and increase in glass thickness. It eliminates the risk of injury by dividing into small pieces which are not sharp, when breaks.
  • Reduces condensation on glass surface.
  • In winter cold spots, in summer hot spots by windows are eliminated and heat inside the room is radiated equally. More comfortable interiors by providing energy efficiency with heat and maximum solar control, while ensuring low reflection and transparency.


Neutral 62/44: Residences and education complexes where high light transmission is needed

Neutral 50/33: Offices, hotels and hospitals where optimum daylight transmission and efficient solar control are necessary

Neutral 43/28 and Neutral 41/27: Skylights or warm climate areas where daylight control and efficient solar protection are required

Neutral 70/37: Residences, villas and store front glazing where outstanding thermal insulation and solar control are needed as well as high light transmission

Neutral 58/32: Residences, offices and commercial buildings where high light transmission and efficient solar control are necessary

Neutral 51/28: Offices, hospitals and hotels where optimum light transmission and maximum solar control are required

Neutral 50/25: Residences, education complexes, hotels and hospitals where excellent thermal insulation and solar control, low reflection are necessary

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Neutral  62/44 Neutral 50/33 Neutral 70/37 Neutral 50/25
Daylight Transmittance % %61 %50 %69 %50
Daylight Reflectance Outdoor % %21 %30 %13 %15
Solar Factor (g value) % %43 %34 %37 %25
U Value (W/m2K) 1,1 W / m2K 1,1 W / m2K 1,0 W / m2K 1,0 W / m2K