• Tempered glass shatters into small, blunt edged fragments when broken, so it leads to minimum risk of injury.
  • Tempered glass is approximately 4-5 times more durable than normal glass.
  • Please see link for Soft-Coated Solar & Heat Control Glass.

We obtain perfect optic image and minimum ondulation on tempered glass thanks to our convectional tempering technology.

Semi-Tempering / Heat Strenghtened Glass

Heat strenghtened glass is also durable against outside and thermal brokage. While the tempering process is same, in semi-tempering tha glass is cooled more slowly. Semi-tempered glass shatters into relatively larger fragments compared to tempered glass.

Bent Glass

Bent glass is the process of bending the heated glass with a certain air pressure in the cooling furnace, according to the desired radius. It also can be used as bent laminated or insulating glass.

Heat Soak Test

In the heat soak test process, the tempered glass is tested whether there is any nickel sulphide particle in the glass which may lead to breakage. During the test, the glasses are rested for 2 hours after reaching at 290 °C. If the tempered glass passes the heat soak test, it means that there is no nickel sulphide particle in the glass, or there is no further risk for breakage.

Grupcam has TMB brand Heat Soak Test machine to undertake heat soak test in its facilities.